Located in Lemon Grove, San Diego, Collision Experts has been serving the community since 2000 and is your answer to Quality Collision Repair & Auto Body Shop Repair.  Using state of the art equipment and experienced I-Car and ASE certified technicians you can count on your vehicle being repaired correctly with an attention to detail that is second to none.

With our lifetime warranty, you’ll be assured that we will stand behind our work.

Auto Repair Shop Warranty

At Collision Experts, we strive to be #1 as the leader in the collision repair, paint and body, and auto body repair.  We are a family owned collision auto body Shop and have been serving all of Southern California since 2000.

Our client’s satisfaction in our Auto Paint & Body work is our reward.  We go the extra mile to provide our customers the highest quality collision repair at very competitive prices.  We are dedicated to ensuring your car collision repair process is smooth and hassle free.  We take deep pride in our highly certified collision repair technicians and our numerous accolades.

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